Our growing portfolio comprises companies and trademarks from Europe and United States.

Our investments are always based on win-win relationships. This approach allows our ecosystem to grow in a healthy and robust manner. The companies and trademarks entering our ecosystem are selected for their significance and key assets they have in the emerging LENR field.

Here are selected companies and trademarks we have invested in so far:



LENR Cars SA is a Swiss based company developing mobile electric generators based on the LENR technology to power electric vehicles or provide heat and electric power to regular vehicles. The company owns a granted patent on the application of LENR technology to vehicles (cars, boats, train and planes) and several different patent families on LENR technology.



Brillouin Energy Corporation, based in Berkeley, CA, is a leader and pioneer in the field of LENR.  Through their proprietary Q-Pulse technology and Controlled Electron Capture techniques, they are potentially able to produce and control large amounts of excess heat energy at very low cost. Brillouin's goal is to introduce a LENR based commercial reactor into the energy market within the next 12-36 months.


LENUCO LLC has been founded by Prof. Emeritus George Miley to provide a platform for the development and commercialization of LENR technology.  The company is based in Champaign, Illinois, USA on the campus of the University of Illinois, with which it has a strategic partnership.  In addition to the significant achievements in LENR cells using NI alloy nano-particles, LENUCO holds several highly valuable patents related to the LENR core technology.


NichEnergy Srl, based in Milano, Italy, is an alternative energy technology innovator whose proprietary process for producing energy from a nickel-hydrogen reaction is protected by two European Union-issued patents.

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